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I have an incurable fascination with tipping points, especially those of the historical variety. There's something alluring about a person or group who arrives at just the right moment in time, at exactly the right place, and manages to change the world we all know. Do we make our own fate, or is it laid out in front of us simply to follow?

Lincoln's Bodyguard Snapshot for Lincoln's Bodyguard...

"Riveting with action and period detail, Lincoln's Bodyguard by T.J. Turner captured me on the first page...May this tale be followed by many more."
   —Gayle Lynds, New York Times bestselling author of The Assassins

Lincoln was supposed to die. He famously prophesied his own death as a necessary end to the Civil War and the only way the South would truly surrender. But when Joseph Foster saves the President from the last act of revenge in a dying war, he changes the course of our nation—not necessarily for the best. An insurgency rages in the South, Lincoln is trapped in an office he desperately wants to leave, while Joseph loses his daughter—kidnapped by the very elements he thwarted in Ford's Theater.

Lincoln's Bodyguard provides an alternate dystopian version of American history. I would describe it as a story that is ultimately about forgiveness, which culminates not in a retelling of an iconic American story, but in answer to an intriguing question from our nation's history. If Abraham Lincoln had been saved, what would an America with our greatest president look like? Themes of loss and trust are tested in a novel that unfolds as unpredictably as its premise.

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